Our Teams

We have 2 teams in our league: the Sierra All-Stars (SAS) and the Battle Born Derby Demons (BBDD).

Sierra All-Stars (SAS): Our travel team.

Battle Born Derby Demons (BBDD): Our local team.


  • Athleticism – Roller derby both requires athleticism and provides an outlet for fostering athleticism. SRRD enables people of all levels of ability, ages and body types to train to play a sport.
  • Sports(wo)manship – Through the sport of roller derby we foster positive relationships on and off the track in a healthy competitive environment.
  • Leadership – We express desire for our members to be role models by providing varied opportunities for personal growth. We foster individual empowerment through commitment to skate training, responsibility to teams, and work within the SRRD community. We believe leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Competition – Through healthy competition we provide an environment for personal growth through peer encouragement.
  • Fitness and Health – Roller derby is a sport of many faces, it’s core skill is rollerskating which is a physical activity that promotes health and fitness of it’s participants.
  • Community – We strive to be responsible members of each of the various communities that we belong to and on whom we rely for our success. SRRD will strive to give back to these communities that make us who we are.

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